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My name is Nicolas and I am a self-taught photographer in perpetual learning, amateur and passionate about photography. I started photography in 2010 and I have never stopped until now. For a few years now, I've been sharing some of my photos on my personal gallery on to share them with as many people as possible.

Free art

Because I believe that culture and art must be able to be shared freely and unconstrained, all my photos are under Creative Commons CC-BY, which allows you to share, reproduce, distribute, communicate and remix my works for all uses. The only condition of the license and quote me and if possible add a link to my gallery. 🙂

Why am I here?

Photography is not my main activity so I don't need these gifts to live (even if living free photography would be fantastic). That said, as you probably know, the photo material has a fairly high cost, and your support will allow me to finance equipment or travel to nice places to photograph. In addition, I also have other ancillary costs for the rental of the domain name, the purchase and maintenance of computer equipment to run my server and host my websites independently.

Also, although all my photos are free, these are also at free price. The free price is therefore a system that I find much more relevant and ethical for the artistic field (photography, literature, painting, music, etc.).

How will the donor money be used?

All the winnings will be used:

  • for photography and activities around my gallery (photo equipment and accessories, domain name, etc.);
  • to make other donations to projects that I appreciate on the same platform (starting by financing the platform itself).

Useful Links

To learn more about me, my equipment or simply to discover my photos, here are some useful links:

Thank you and good visit. ❤

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