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Hey! I'm Wonderfall, 18, a french medical student. I dream of a neutral, better and decentralized Internet. During some years I learnt how to manage my own server and how to make great things with it.

At the moment, I provide :

The dedicated server costs 56€ per month :

  • It's hosted by Hetzner in Germany.
  • CPU : Intel Xeon E3-1271v3
  • RAM : 32GB (4*4) DDR3 ECC
  • HDD : 2*4TB (RAID)
  • OS : Debian 9 Stretch - Linux 4.11
  • Bandwidth : 1 Gbit/s

Money isn't the only thing, I take a lot of time to make things running flawlessly. So if you help me I would be immensely grateful.

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