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For the maintenance of XHAIS, servers, and publishing security advice

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For the maintenance of servers, services and publication of guides like "Fuck the Feds", youtube.com/@glowingbrightly, and me individually

Using a service like Paybis or an exchange like Coinbase you can send cryptocurrency to the following addresses:

Bitcoin: bc1qwx0rsksl63lnwzkjcmcnqlcf2n6k2pkjk7wrpn

Ethereum: 0x9353AFAB02f8d0A5260350B3E6081E171e28ceA7

Bitcoin Cash (needs washing): qqgjj4u8m803awcn270xz85qmk4tzl6xu5s0gr5hr4

Zcash (needs configuration): t1UQganBx7dyBnYYKD9nRWwUrdN3XECWMsz

Monero (private by default): 47Q4d1P5xSGVsKhN1h9UY2T6WqA2pM6TTQ4WHjkDH2zy2FfBdwWBHvKE57drP19Kxc1Jae3sBoSkFdEF3gB49ks8UKByitu

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