Haiiii, I write code and solve problems!

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Basically I do devops. But I also dabble in a lot of other things. I'm currently unemployed and suffer from mental and chronic illnesses that prevent me from holding a regular job. Any paid work, help, support & love is greatly appreciated! 🧡

I host a few fediverse applications for free: catgirl.biz - check it out!

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matrix-changemyname 0 Opdateret for 2 måneder siden

Bulk /myroomnick and /myroomavatar utility for Matrix

fedisus 1 Opdateret for 3 måneder siden

trying to find suspect fediverse instances

pluralcode 2 Opdateret for 6 måneder siden

Pluralcode - a geekcode for people who are plural

videotoolbox-list 5 Opdateret for 8 måneder siden

Small console tool to list all available video toolbox codecs

matrix-chat-export 0 Opdateret for 9 måneder siden

Matrix chat exporter (no encryption support yet)

matrix-downloader 3 Opdateret for 9 måneder siden

A test script to easily download encrypted media from a matrix conversation

emojicode 0 Opdateret for 9 måneder siden

Encode ASCII text in emojis

mastodon-emoji-downloader 0 Opdateret for 9 måneder siden

Python script to download emojis from a mastodon (compatible) instance

python-hashlib-benchmark 0 Opdateret for 9 måneder siden

script to benchmark python hashlib functions

treblesand 0 Opdateret for 1 år siden

Treblesand blender project

asnban 2 Opdateret for 1 år siden

Python script to easily block all announced prefixes of the owner of any given IP address

rust-dhl-api 0 Opdateret for 1 år siden

Rust crate to query simple parcel delivery states from the DHL.de website

virtualbox-extensions-rpm 2 Opdateret for 1 år siden

VirtualBox extension pack RPM generator for Fedora Silverblue

flatpak-ponysay 0 Opdateret for 1 år siden

flatpak manifest for erkin/ponysay

critical-success 0 Opdateret for 1 år siden

rust-dnstest 0 Opdateret for 1 år siden


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Catgirl.Biz is a free and open community for fediverse enthusiasts, offering federated services

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