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Hey guys, it's The Unboxing Experience here.

You may not know, but I'm actually a year 1 university (AKA college) student pursuing a degree in Management and Digital Innovation. Technology never fail to amuse me especially weird techs that may or may not bring improvements into our life. What intrigue me most are cheap yet useful tech gadgets that have yet to be widely adopted.

I would love to buy, unbox and even review these weird tech gadgets that exists in the market but the lack of funds means that it's not very often I'll have one on hand to do a video about. And that's when I need your help. I don't need much, just enough for me to purchase tech gadgets here and there to do more unboxing videos for you guys! You can take it as if you dropped some change and donate $0.10 a month, or bringing me out for a coffee and donate $2 a month. Really, anything counts. Anything!

I am so happy that you even clicked on the link to find out more! You can start with just $0.10 a month to help me keep doing what I love, showing weird tech gadgets to the world!

Once again, thank YOU!

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