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As of January 2015, all of the money I receive here is regifted to others, and then some. I'm a conduit: Gifts to me are in support primarily of the people I in turn support.

I am making the world better by coding, documenting, translating, and contributing where I can to various open source projects. I release as much code as I can from the things I do every day, including some work I do at IBM Watson.

Other things I do:

  • Community.

  • Decentralized infrastructure. As CIO of Meta Mesh, I help plan and run PittMesh, a community wireless mesh network in Pittsburgh.

  • Conference/event organization. Specializing in sponsorships, organizational giving, and risk management, I am on the organizing committees for

  • Translation. I do a good bit of Esperanto translation for open source projects. This includes Gratipay!

I used to record tech talks, especially at Pittsburgh Ruby Brigade. I still do from time to time.

I contribute to various things in the Bitcoin community, as well.

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