Miloslav Číž

I make my own libre games and CC0 art (2D, 3D, music) and contribute to existing projects.

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Hello :)

I have studied computer science (with focus on computer graphics) but don't work in the industry, instead I am distributing newspapers for very low income. The reason is I have anxiety issues and also am a libre culture advocate, so I refuse to write proprietary software.

what I do:

  • write FOSS, mainly games (Bombman, Steamer Duck, OpenMF, Haskell FPS, MageRage, procedural texture tool, ...), see my GitHub profile
  • Create CC0 (public domain) 3D and 2D art, see my BlendSwap, opengameart, deviantart. I also occasionally create music that I donate to public domain (music1, music2, music3).
  • contribute to existing FOSS projects, such as OpenMW (you can look me up in the contributors), here and there I've made commits to OpenRW, Pelican, mgba, osgameclones etc. I also like to contribute to wikis such as Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons or LibreGameWiki from time to time, I've translated some promotional materials for FSFE to Czech, made some edits to OpenStreetMap, posted answers to StackOverflow etc. - basically I try to help where I see I can do some good.
  • I try to spread the word about GNU/Linux (installed it to my parents' computer :]) and libre culture in general as much as I can.

some screenshots:

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drummykit 1 Opdateret for 9 måneder siden

3D vizualisation of MIDI drum tracks.

ptdesigner 74 Opdateret for 9 måneder siden

Library and GUI tool for designing and generation of procedural textures, made as a part of my Bachelor thesis.

haskell_game 77 Opdateret for 10 måneder siden

Wolfenstein 3D, ray-casting FPS game I make to learn Haskell. No libraries used, rendering is done in terminal.

Steamer-Duck 9 Opdateret for 10 måneder siden

2D platformer game where you play as a non-flying kind of duck.

Bombman 34 Opdateret for 2 år siden

Atomic Bomberman clone.

gitviz 16 Opdateret for 2 år siden

Create timelapse animation of a single file in GitHub repository.

Mage-Rage 1 Opdateret for 2 år siden

2D puzzle game with wizards who have to save the world.

openmw (forgrene) 0 Opdateret for 7 måneder siden

OpenMW is an unofficial open source engine reimplementation of the game Morrowind.

OpenMF (forgrene) 1 Opdateret for 1 år siden

🕹 Free and open-source Mafia game engine

openrw (forgrene) 0 Opdateret for 1 år siden

OpenRW "Open ReWrite" is an un-official open source recreation of the classic Grand Theft Auto III game executable



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