Gnome Romanian Translation Team works on l10n tasks for UI and documentation of the Gnome Project

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GNOME is one of the widely used desktop environments in the world of free/libre GNU/Linux software. And because of its wide-spread it is arguably the interface most of the GNU/Linux user ever see. With distributions as Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora having gnome as their default desktop environment it becomes crucial to have a well translated, well localized interface for the Romanian-speaking users.

Gnome Romanian Translation Team engages in the following tasks:

  • User Interface translations

  • Documentation translations

  • Proofreading and review of the translated content

  • Testing of UI and Documentation translation

  • Training of the newcomers in order to achieve improved translation quality

The team is in great need of working force and therefore this pledge page was founded. This is to encourage other l10n contributors to join forces and reach the goal of 100% user interface translation for each new Gnome release.

If you use Gnome localized in Romanian on a daily basis, then consider supporting the people donating their time and resources in translating Gnome. Thank you.

The team page is over at https://l10n.gnome.org/teams/ro/ where the members are listed and translation statistics are shown.


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