Le Vecchie Musiche

Le Vecchie Musiche: a new way of reading our cultural heritage.

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Should we consider history as a hard rock mountain, where the names of our famous ancestors are engraved on solid marble? Or is history a river, where the names are written on fragile parchment, floating around in small bowls? Noble swans swim round, select names and take them to a temple built on a small island. In analogy to the swans, we also save the names we consider important from oblivion and in so doing construct our cultural history and identity.

To give a new voice to those forgotten by history, is the mission of the ensemble Le Vecchie Musiche, e la nuova maniera di leggerle. It proposes a new way of reading our cultural heritage, too often dominated by a rigid aesthetic canon.

For more information about our projects and open source editions, please visit our website: www.vecchiemusiche.be


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