A writer, podcaster, and voice actor, creating novels and audiobooks.

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Hi, I'm David Collins-Rivera (a.k.a., Lostnbronx).

I'm a writer, podcaster, and voice actor. I've written and recorded novels, and have offered them all up for free download, under Creative Commons licenses.


Adventure, drama, and mystery in the far future!

My largest project to date, Stardrifter is a science fiction series set hundreds of years from now. It explores the life and adventures of Ejoq Dosantos, a Civilian Class Gunner for armed merchant space ships. He's no security guard, and certainly no soldier...but he might just be your last hope!

Star-spanning super-nations, faster-than-light ships, colony stations, and terraformed worlds!

Ejoq faces humankind's greatest joys and darkest horrors, summed up in one simple truth:

        People are people are people.

Stardrifter Books 1, 2, and 3

A book series with a projected 7 titles, once done, Stardrifter is drama, adventure, humor, and mystery, in a science fiction setting.

Please have a listen!


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Moses, AZ

Truth, lies, and whatever truth lies between!

An audio short story series about the somewhat strange lives of somewhat strange people, in a small town in Arizona. Laughter, love, and heartbreak, a mile in the sky.

Eddie K

A modern odyssey of buffoonish proportions!

An audio sitcom about the misadventures of a B-circuit lounge singer, yearning for the big time. All Eddie Kosnofski needs is a little luck, a lot of hard work, and maybe some talent! (I do every voice on this show, and always have a blast.)

LnB's Audio Diary

More of me than you can handle!

If you want to hear a day-in-the-life of a middle-aged slob several times a week, here's the podcast for you! It's raw, unedited, and entirely off-the-cuff. It's the nuts-and-bolts of what I do, and how I do it. More than you ever wanted to know about things you never cared about!

High Desert

What's new, and what's coming next!

A monthly email newsletter, where I outline my plans and schemes. It's where I release all the new content first, from audiobooks to short stories, and more.


I have this issue about locking away supposedly "free" content behind some sort of paywall. You know what I mean: "Donate at this level, and get this exclusive bonus! Donate at that level, and get that bonus!"

Money shouldn't be a barrier to what you love.

It's been that way for me at different points in my life, and it sucked. Everything I now create is free of charge, in one form or another, and free to give away to someone else.

If you choose to support my work, and you also support everyone else who likes it, regardless of what they have in their wallets. That sounds like a pretty good bonus to me.


Privacy, freedom, and readily-available alternatives.

These are things I not only value, I depend upon them to do what I do.

Liberapay was designed from the ground-up to respect these values. Everything I use to create my content was built upon the labor and creativity of others, given away for free, under a free license.

My production tool chain -- writing, editing, audio production, web publishing/distribution -- are dominated by, and only made possible through the use of Free and Open Source Software. The projects that result from that are, in turn, released into the Commons.

Liberapay is closer to my philosophy than other systems I've seen. Does that mean I won't use anything else? No, I have to live the world. But I'm allowed my preferences and beliefs, and Liberapay respects that.

Thank you so much for you consideration!

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