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Matrix.org is an open source project building an open network for secure, decentralized communication.

Imagine a world where it is as simple to message or video call anyone as it is to send an email, where you can communicate without being forced to install the same app, where your data is secured by end-to-end encryption, where you can choose who hosts your communications, where you can easily share any kind of real-time data over the Internet: this is Matrix! And it exists today and provides the tools to build real-time communication applications and services which are not controlled by single corporations (like Facebook or Google), but by the users themselves.

So if you've always wondered how you could help freedom of speech, safety, privacy, user choice and usability of communication apps, this is your chance! By supporting Matrix.org you’re building the future of communication, a future where users can make their own decisions about how to communicate and who to trust. And if money is a problem, don’t worry: there are other easy ways to move the needle such as: spreading the word, using Matrix apps (e.g. Riot.im ), building on top of it yourself or even contributing code!

Welcome to the future!

By supporting Matrix, you are directly funding the core development of the team - building Dendrite, maintaining Synapse, finalising End-to-End crypto, building the client SDKs, bridges, and so much more. To find out more, check out our blog post. You can also follow us on Twitter and on Github.

Liberapay is strictly a donation-only service, and you can't receive any services in return for donation. However, feel free to ping us at <supporters@matrix.org> if you want to let us know you're supporting us!

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