Contributor to music software related things.

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I'm interested and contributing to free software, and particularly to audio related software.

Advocate of open-source and sharing, trying to offer similar features than network players and servers like Spotify, Itunes Genius, YouTube, etc. right in your system: offline and using open data. Currently working on foobar js scripts integration.

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Playlist-Manager-SMP 29 Opdateret for 1 uge siden

A playlist manager for foobar2000, using Spider Monkey, to save and load (auto)playlists on demand, synchronizing, ... along many more utilities.

Statistics-Framework-SMP 3 Opdateret for 2 uger siden

A helper script for Spider Monkey Panel and foobar2000 which allows to easily create customizable charts on demand, applying basic filtering, sorting and distribution settings.

Search-by-Distance-SMP 17 Opdateret for 2 uger siden

An implementation of Music-Graph for foobar2000, using Spider Monkey, which creates intelligent "spotify-like" playlist using high-level data from tracks and computing their similarity using genres/styles.

Device-Priority-SMP 6 Opdateret for 2 uger siden

Automate foobar2000's output without having to select devices manually every time one is disconnected/connected. Wireless, headphone, and server devices auto-switch made easy.

Playlist-Tools-SMP 25 Opdateret for 2 uger siden

A collection of Spider Monkey tools for foobar2000: from removing duplicates, to dynamic queries or "spotify-like" playlist creation.

World-Map-SMP 9 Opdateret for 2 uger siden

A foobar200 UI Spider Monkey Panel which displays current artist's country on the world map and lets you generate autoplaylists based on selection and locale tag saving when integrated along WilB's Biography Script.

Camelot-Wheel-Notation 20 Opdateret for 1 måned siden

Javascript implementation of the Camelot Wheel, ready to use "harmonic mixing" rules and translations for standard key notations. The wheel is a representation where musical keys are displayed as ‘hours’ on a clock followed by a letter (A, B). Its main use is mixing songs following a set of rules named "harmonic mixing" or "mixing in key".

Music-Graph 14 Opdateret for 2 måneder siden

An open source graph representation of most genres and styles found on popular, classical and folk music. Usually used to compute similarity (by distance) between 2 sets of genres/styles.

Countries-Shapes-Generator 1 Opdateret for 5 måneder siden

A python script to generate country shapes in multiple projections compatible in size with world maps (i.e. meant to be used as layers).

Xelection-js (forgrene) 2 Opdateret for 5 måneder siden

A lightweight javascript library which provides users with a set of options in the form of a small popover over the selected portion of text.


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