QElectroTech New builder machine needed.

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Hi I'm laurent QElectroTech manager

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QElectroTech, or QET in short, is a libre and open source desktop application to create diagrams and schematics. The software is primarily intended to create electrical documentation but it can also be used to draw any kinds of diagrams, such as those made in pneumatics, hydraulics, process industries, electronics... Generally speaking, QET is a CAD/CAE editor focusing on schematics drawing features. This means that there are no embedded simulating or calculating functionalities and it is not planned to implement them.

The main goal of the developers is to provide a libre, easy to use and effective software for schematics drawing purposes.

Don't forget that QElectroTech is made by volunteers on their free time!

We need High end processor, mainboard, RAM... for QET nightly packages builder For example, the new AMD Ryzen Threadripper 16/32 cores CPU to build new packages and executables of QET very fast. The team builds executables for Linux (Debian/stable /unstable, Ubuntu), Windows and Mac OS X from one single machine using virtual environments and cross-compilation. These techniques are very demanding on resources!